Website Integration

Integration with the Utiq service is achieved by including the Utiq loader script (utiqLoader.js).

Utiq Loader Script

The utiqLoader.js JavaScript should be loaded if and only if there is explicit consent given by the user for all purposes on the website’s main CMP popup, i.e., user clicks the “Accept All” button on the CMP (see the Consent Capture Journey).

The loader script is made available at the Utiq subdomain of your website, e.g. if your website’s domain is then the loader script will be hosted at

The loader script is responsible for:

  • Checking if consent has been given for the Utiq service.
  • Checking if the user is accessing the website via an eligible Telco network connection.
  • Loading and displaying the Utiq Consent Manager popup (utiqConsentManager.js).
  • Setting and removing the martechpass (mtid) and adtechpass (atid) tokens in Local Storage.
  • Providing JS API methods and event listeners.