1. Integrate Utiq’s out-of-the-box dedicated consent pop-up

As part of the standard integration of the Utiq Service, we currently require the integration of the Utiq out-of-the-box dedicated consent pop-up (a separate pop-up box surfaced after the domain’s main CMP) to capture Utiq consent separately.

If for any reason you are unable to follow the standard integration and cannot implement the out-of-the-box dedicated consent pop-up, please get in touch with our Customer Success team at csm@utiq.com.

How to integrate it

You can find the documentation to integrate it at the Tag Integrations section.

For any technical query on the Utiq out-of-the-box dedicated consent pop-up implementation, you can reach out to our Customer Success team at csm@utiq.com.

Example of the Utiq dedicated consent pop-up layout:


We provide a «Plug and Play» implementation of the Utiq dedicated consent pop-up to make the integration process as smooth as possible for Advertisers and Publishers and ensure consent is validly obtained. Specifically, it:

  • Fulfils all the privacy requirements relevant to consent capture and ensures their correct implementation.
  • Provides an optimised UX/UI for mobile and is already tested on different devices and browsers.
  • Ensures consent synchronisation between user’s preferences expressed in Advertisers/Publishers’ websites with Utiq’s consenthub.
  • Ensures it’s shown only to users browsing via an eligible Network Operator involved in the provision of the Utiq service.
  • Already includes the Utiq consent text and design characteristics (including partner logos and embedded hyperlinks to Utiq’s privacy statement and consenthub).
  • It can be customised with the Advertisers/Publisher’s brand identity (e.g., colour palette, logo).

Pop-up Customisation Options

It is possible to customise the pop-up based on Advertiser/Publisher’s colour palette, and logo.

If you require a customised pop-up, please provide the following to our Customer Success team at csm@utiq.com:

Item Description Example
Logo asset A file with your logo preferably in SVG format (we also accept PNG format) The logo filename should match your domain. For domain www.example.com the file name of the logo should be: example.com.svg
Colour scheme Any specific colours (Color RBG or HEX value) to be used unless we can use your site’s CSS. #054850 button colour,
#000000 text colour