Partner Privacy Requirements

Last updated: 06/03/2024 (v1.4)


The Utiq Service seeks to establish a robust consent and user transparency experience which has been carefully developed with the aim of putting users’ privacy first and ensure compliance with applicable privacy and data protection laws.

This documentation outlines the detailed steps to ensure correct implementation of the requirements that Utiq partners must comply with as part of their involvement in the provision of the Utiq Service.

Our documentation is a living entity, evolving alongside our services. As a result, we may update it from time to time, including any texts provided.

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What is covered in this documentation

This documentation is split into two parts:

  1. Requirements for Advertisers and Publishers – this section applies only to participating Advertisers and Publishers. It provides detailed steps to follow when integrating the Utiq Services into their digital platforms to ensure the correct implementation of the requirements before go-live, as well as to ensure continued compliance with them thereafter.
  2. Requirements for Network Operators – this section applies only to participating network operators and outlines the transparency requirement they are expected to abide by when acting as signal providers.

Additionally, we have included an appendix with information about Utiq’s consent text.

Additional notes

This documentation was formerly known as “Utiq Partner Requirements for User Transparency and Consent”.