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Onboarding Process


For any processing to be allowed by Utiq, first, a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) must exist between Utiq and the Brand or Publisher.

Please contact our Customer Success team at to get directed to the appropriate person from our Commercial team to guide you through the process.


A Brand or Publisher should provide the following information to Utiq to enable the service:

  1. Data Controller: the legal entity that appears in the website’s privacy policy page.

  2. Technical integration contact email: the email address of the person(s) that Utiq Engineering can contact to resolve any issues.

  3. Websites (domains) in scope: all domains to be integrated.

  4. Confirm CNAME creation: for each of the domains in scope a Utiq subdomain should be created, e.g., for domain a subdomain should be created and set to point to The default setup for the SSL certificate uses Let’s Encrypt and is management automatically by the Utiq platform.

    Important: if you’re using CAA records, as a minimum the domain must allow the domain. For more information see Let’s Encrypt CAA records documentation.

    This sub-domain is required to manage server set 1st party cookies and to limit service and data access, i.e. use the browser’s domain enabled security, for example, CORS.

  5. Email addresses for testers: the email addresses for the person(s) that will need to test using a testing stub, i.e. be able to view the Utiq Consent Manager popup and access the Utiq consenthub portal before live traffic is allowed live on your website(s)

    Details on how to use the stub are available in our Testing documentation.

  6. Request cross-domain martechpasses: This is allowed for domains that share the same Data Controller.

  7. Utiq consent handling: Utiq provides 2 options for the Utiq Consent Experience: “Utiq Separate pop-up Model” and “Integrated Model”. Please visit the relevant documentation in “Utiq Privacy Requirements” section.

  8. Estimated unique monthly users: the average unique monthly users for all websites in scope.

  9. Testing approach: It should be possible for Utiq to validate your integration in a restricted environment. This can either be a staging environment or a production environment with a limited number of users, for example, by using a special URL parameter such as

    Note: Utiq will not be able to validate the integration if the website is behind a firewall or VPN.

Onboarding Process

Once all the information in the above checklist is received, our Customer Success Team will arrange with our Engineering Team for all the necessary steps to be completed to enable the testing of the service.

Then, you will be provided with one or more testing stubs to test the service.

Once the testing is completed successfully (including the “Utiq Privacy Requirements”), the service will be enabled for live traffic at a mutually agreed date and time.

For any questions please contact: Customer Success

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