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Utiq Technical Documentation

Last updated: 17/05/2024 (v1.4)


Welcome to Utiq, where we prioritize unambiguous and independent consent, transparency, and robust data security in the digital marketing ecosystem. Our Authentic Consent Service operates through two unique signals: martechpass and adtechpass.

How it works

With the end user’s permission, Utiq initiates a secure API call to the user’s network operator, obtaining a Network Signal corresponding to the user’s connection. This signal, with no directly identifiable data, is mapped to Utiq’s consentpass which forms the basis for generating martechpass and adtechpass signals.


The martechpass (or mtid) is generated from the consentpass, and is issued to a Brand or Publisher with the user’s explicit consent and is controlled by the Brand or Publisher it is issued to. It remains persistent for 180 days from its creation date. This pass provides a distinct identity for a visitor on a Brand’s or Publisher’s site or app.

In cases where a Brand or Publisher owns multiple sites and apps (as single data controller), it is possible for the martechpass to be persisted across these, provided that the Brand or Publisher has obtained explicit consent to find visitors across these platforms. This feature enhances the capability for own media personalization and first-party audience creation, offering a seamless personalized user experience while maintaining the highest standards of user privacy and data security.

It’s important to note that for the utilization of cross-domain martechpass, Brands and Publishers must obtain consent on each respective site and app.

Publisher or Brand first party audiences created using their martechpass can be activated via the adtechpass in authorised AdTech systems (for example DMPs, SSPs, DSPs) that are enabled via the Utiq platform and the consentpass signal.


Generated from the consentpass, the adtechpass (or atid) plays a crucial role in programmatic advertising, for instance via OpenRTB, ensuring Publisher visitor signal matching with 100% accuracy. This precision guarantees that users do not encounter the same advertisement repeatedly, enhancing their browsing experience while allowing advertisers to optimize their expenditure through effective frequency capping and precise audience measurement.

The adtechpass is a dynamically encrypted unique sequence, exclusively utilized within the AdTech ecosystem. It integrates seamlessly with platforms such as prebid.js and the Utiq user id sub-module, ensuring robust and secure operations. This approach to ad technology ensures that the adtechpass provides reliability and efficiency in the digital advertising space while maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy.

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