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A collection of terms and their definitions related to Utiq integration.



adtechpass (atid)

Dynamically generated adtech pass, used to enable programmatic use cases, e.g. 83Bn6NymoVcL8aDPw3/m2B4wupSgV2B3lsxSXw7oi/iYHG/QdlUmwUae9i+vOPv+tMcnHcGxp94tMIHvETN8ZA==-xxxx

martechpass (mtid)

Domain specific time bound martech pass, used to enable analytics, personalisation and audience creation for programmatic use cases.


The connectId is a unique identifier created by the Utiq platform for each media provider domain and device. Here is an example: bu7f24gtvje9trlo4bvg. It uses the XID format. It is returned to the requesting device and set as connectId cookie.


The consentpass is a random unique identifier reset after 90 days of inactivity, generated by the Utiq platform. Here is an example: e4dd2ad8-e554-41e4-8d10-02bf690a5bf0.


Utiq centralised self-serve privacy portal to manage Utiq choices and withdraw Utiq consents, hosted in this website:

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